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After finding the love of my life, ED presented a major problem. I was referred to Dr. Cornell who patiently explained my options. When all else failed, implant surgery became the only option.

The results were fantastic and we are both very happy

Bill - Spring, Texas

Thank you Dr. Cornell! You helped bring my life back to a state of vibrancy, and you were helpful in handling my insurance issues.

Dr. Cornell did something no other doctor was able to do for over 25 years; which was to help my spouse. For that I am truly grateful.

C.A. - Missouri City, Texas

Having a knowledgeble, experienced and dedicated health care provider can make all the difference in your life. Dr. Cornell and his staff have changed our lives!

Dr. Cornell is not only an excellent urologist, he is versed in many other specialites, making having him as our physician a valuable asset.

After many years of being misdiagnosed and improperly treated with the wrong medications, Dr. Cornell accurately diagnosed my wife, took her off most of the meds she was on, and her recovery has been miraculous!

V.A. - Missouri City, Texas

I have been a patient of Dr. Cornell for many years. He has expertly and compassionately solved my difficult kidney stone problems. Not only a Doctor, but a Gentleman, and now like a family member too...

You can trust Dr. Cornell to treat you with care and compassion.

...without reservation I have recommended Dr. Cornell to my friends and my family.

Desiree - Katy, Texas

Inflatable Penile Prosthesis - very successful

It works very well with no side effects and doesn’t impede on any of my activities. It is much easier and less stressful to go on with intimate life after prostate surgery with this implant. I am very pleased with this implant and feel it was the best option as opposed to other choices for ED out there. I feel very confident that if I were to experience any problem with it Dr. Cornell would be able to solve it. I would definitely recommend this implant and Dr. Cornell to any friend or family.

Tim - Orange, Texas

I recently had surgery to solve a years old erectile dysfunction problem I have endured. Dr. Cornell listened to all the facts, ran some tests, and offered multiple solutions.

I chose the surgery option for a penile prosthesis. Yesterday, I had my one month follow-up visit. I am extremely pleased with the results and wish that I had done it years earlier. Dr. Cornell is extremely knowledgeable, highly trained,and I believe to be an expert in his field. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM.

M. C. - Houston, Texas

I am an internal medicine physician practicing in rural Maine. One of my patients recently came to me complaining of erectile dysfunction and urinary issues related to prostate cancer. This patient wanted to go the best urologist in this field regardless of geographic location. Although there would be many miles to travel, there was only one urologist I trusted to deal with these issues, Dr Robert Cornell.

Dr Cornell is the best in the country and his expertise is unparalleled. But perhaps equally important, he puts the patient first. He is compassionate, empathetic and caring. My patient felt immediately at ease and appreciated the personalized one on one attention given by Dr. Cornell. Such attention, unfortunately, is becoming more and more infrequent in today's medical climate. The people in Texas are very fortunate to have such a resource.

I will continue to recommend my patients make the trip to Houston to get the very best specialized urologic services available today.

Dr. Stephen J. Goss, Franklin Health Internal Medicine - Farmington, Maine

Dr. Cornell put me at ease immediately, which made me very comfortable discussing my erectile dysfunction and PE problems with him. I did not feel hurried and was very satisfied with the multiple options presented.

I have complete confidence in Dr. Cornell and the recommended treatment. I will gladly recommend Dr. Cornell to my friends and family.

Bill - Humble, Texas

I am being treated by Dr. Cornell for my incontinence and ED due to prostate cancer. His state of the art treatments along with his kind and knowledgeable demeanor instantly put me at ease. His staff is cordial and efficient.

I am so glad I made the trip from Maine to be treated by, in my opinion the best in his field.

Richard A. - Industry, Maine

I had successful IPP surgery in 2011. While it does take a little time to get use to the implant, I am glad I had the surgery. I no longer have to take pills that sometimes did not work. The device works every time I choose to use it.

If you are having trouble with ED, I strongly urge you to check into the IPP solution. Dr Cornell did a great job. I recommend him to all my friends who have ED problems.

Marion H. - Deer Park, Texas

I was very happy with the service that Dr Cornell provided. I felt that he did not rush me into prosthetic surgery without trying other methods first. Additionally, he discovered my cancer and made sure that was taken care of first. The surgery was very successful and I can now live a fulfilling life...

Harry B. - Kingwood, Texas

Approximately 2.5 yrs ago I had problems with Urinary Incontinence / Overactive Bladder and an enlarged Prostate. I was impressed with the level of help given to me.

I highly recommend Dr. Cornell, MD, PA and his staff...

Al B. - Houston, Texas

Back in January I had a procedure done that I really needed to have done. I talked it over with Dr. Robert Cornell and an appointment was scheduled right away.

I feel like a new person thanks to the expertise and knowledge of Dr. Cornell. I definitely recommend him to anyone who has a urological need.

L. Nieto - Houston, Texas

I have been listening to Dr. Cornell on the radio for several years. I am glad that he took the time to do [the radio shows]. When I developed prostate problems, incontinence and erectile dysfunction I knew DR. Cornell could help.

When I visited Dr. Cornell, he promised me that he could take care of my problems. He did just that. I can now do something that I have not been able to do in 3 years, I can again urinate like normal people do. My days of leakage are over; my days of impotency are over.

There should be a 'Dr. Cornell Day!' Thank you!

A. Johnson - Houston, Texas

There was a time when I was depressed after my prostate surgery in March 2010. I didn't feel like a complete man. On November 18, 2013 Dr. Cornell changed that for me with an implant and a urinary sphincter. To his credit I have become me again.

Richard H. - H, Toustonexas

Dr. Cornell....I just wanted to say thanks in a 'BIG' way for your kindness and excellent care you and your staff gave me before and during my surgery. Because of your knowledge everything went well! Continue the good work.

Luther N. - Houston, Texas

Dr. Robert Cornell is the best Doctor of Urology in the United States of America! Why would anyone not want him, when there is need to be treated for any issues that are within his field of medical expertise. He is amazing! He not only treats one's medical problem, he has immesureable advice on diet, vitamins, meds, and a plan for the fastest possible track back to good health.

What are you waiting for? Call his office now for an appointment!

Harmon L. - Houston, Texas

Dr Robert Cornell performed my implant surgery in March of 2013. Every thing went just great. [There were] very minor after effects. I was [back] in the saddle just 30 days after the implant. Now my partner asks me when am I going to slow down. I am a very satisfied Cornell customer.

John M. - Houston, Texas

...I am a 70- yr. old gentleman [with] diabetes, hypertension and apparently E.D. Several years ago (about 4.5 years ago) I had a triple bypass.

Dr. Cornell is my urologist, (a damn good I might add).

Ever since I was sexually active I prided myself on my sexuality and my prowess in bed. Unfortunately, as with many men “Mother Nature” and “Father time” caught up with me. Sadly to say I was having difficulty obtaining an erection. Gladly to say, Dr. Cornell changed all of that....

What are you waiting for? Call his office now for an appointment!

JLC - Houston, Texas