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Dr. Cornell's Houston urology office is the most comprehensive general urology facility in the metro-Houston area.


Robert J. Cornell, MD specializes in the treatment of genitourinary disease in both adult men and women.

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Tune in to Houston's Majic 102.1 FM every other Sunday at 10:15 AM as Dr. Cornell is hosted to discuss urology health.


Located in downtown Houston, Texas, Urosurgery Houston's concierge service exemplifies what men's health care should be.

About Us

Our Houston general adult urology office is located in the Medical Place One building of St. Joseph Medical Center in downtown Houston, TX.

Our facility is committed to delivering the latest advancements in treating general adult and prosthetic urologic conditions.

Dr. Cornell is a well recognized authority on penile prosthesis implantation for erectile dysfunction as well as the combined placement of both the artificial urinary sphincter and the penile prosthesis in men suffering from post-radical prostatectomy urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

Additionally, our office is equiped to diagnose the causes of urinary incontinence with full office urodynamics, able to offer office botulinum toxin treatment for urinary urgency resistant to standard oral medicine, certified to perform the Monarch trans-obturator slings to surgically treat stress urinary incontinence, and proud to offer the Prostiva radiofrequency office thermotherapy procedure for BPH symptoms resistant to oral medical therapy.

Surgical Specialties


  • After finding the love of my life, ED presented a major problem. I was referred to Dr. Cornell who patiently explained my options. When all else failed, implant surgery became the only option.

    The results were fantastic and we are both very happy.

    Bill - Spring, Texas
  • Thank you Dr. Cornell! You helped bring my life back to a state of vibrancy, and you were helpful in handling my insurance issues.

    Dr. Cornell did something no other doctor was able to do for over 25 years; which was to help my spouse. For that I am truly grateful.

    C.A. - Missouri City, Texas
  • Having a knowledgeble, experienced and dedicated health care provider can make all the difference in your life. Dr. Cornell and his staff have changed our lives!

    Dr. Cornell is not only an excellent urologist, he is versed in many other specialites, making having him...

    V.A. - Missouri City, Texas
  • I have been a patient of Dr. Cornell for many years. He has expertly and compassionately solved my difficult kidney stone problems. Not only a Doctor, but a Gentleman, and now like a family member too...

    You can trust Dr. Cornell to treat you with care and compassion...

    Desiree - Katy, Texas
  • Inflatable Penile Prosthesis - very successful

    It works very well with no side effects and doesn't impede on any of my activities. It is much easier and less stressful to go on with intimate life after prostate surgery with this implant. I am very pleased with this...

    Tim - Orange, Texas
  • I recently had surgery to solve a years old erectile dysfunction problem I have endured. Dr. Cornell listened to all the facts, ran some tests, and offered multiple solutions.

    I chose the surgery option for a penile prosthesis. Yesterday, I had my one month follow-up visit...

    M. C. - Houston, Texas
  • Dr. Cornell put me at ease immediately, which made me very comfortable discussing my erectile dysfunction and PE problems with him. I did not feel hurried and was very satisfied with the multiple options presented.

    I have complete confidence...

    Bill - Humble, Texas
  • I am being treated by Dr. Cornell for my incontinence and ED due to prostate cancer. His state of the art treatments along with his kind and knowledgeable demeanor instantly put me at ease. His staff is cordial and efficient.

    I am so glad I made the trip...

    Richard A. - Industry, Maine
  • I had successful IPP surgery in 2011. While it does take a little time to get use to the implant, I am glad I had the surgery. I no longer have to take pills that sometimes did not work. The device works every time I choose to use it.

    If you are having trouble with ED...

    Marion H. - Deer Park, Texas
  • I was very happy with the service that Dr Cornell provided. I felt that he did not rush me into prosthetic surgery without trying other methods first. Additionally, he discovered my cancer and made sure that was taken care of first. The surgery was very successful and I can now live a...

    Harry B. - Kingwood, Texas